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A Selection of Videos from CrimethInc. Perpetual Motion Pictures

We Are Now [Sottotitoli in Italiano]

HD 22

We Are Now [German subtitles]

HD 22 minutes

We Are Now [Sous-titres en français]

HD 22 minutes

We Are Now [Greek subtitles]

HD 22 minutes

We Are Now [Legendas em português]

HD 22 minutes

We Are Now [Русские субтитры]

HD 22 minutes

We Are Now [Subtitulada en español]

HD 22 minutes

We Are Now

HD 22 minutes

At the high point of the George Floyd Rebellion, cop-free zones sprung up from coast to coast. As they were unfolding, Atlanta police killed Rayshard Brooks, a black father of four. Angry demonstrators torched the Wendy’s where Brooks was shot, occupied it, and defended it from police and Klansmen for 24 days. We Are Now is a small window into the delicate moments of freedom—joyous and tragic—that filled the autonomous zones of summer 2020. [1920x1080]

Breaking the Spell

SD 63 Minutes

An hour-long look at the 1999 Seattle WTO protests and the anarchists who traveled there to set a new precedent for militant confrontation, this documentary picks up where Pickaxe left off. Filmed in the thick of the action, including footage that aired nationally on 60 Minutes, it captures a moment when world history was up for grabs. [608x456]


SD 76 Minutes

Examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV asks: “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?”

The causes underlying the collapse of civilizations are usually traced to overuse of resources. As we write this, the world is reeling from economic chaos, peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation, and political turmoil. Every day, the headlines re-hash stories of scandal and betrayal of the public trust. We don’t have to make outraged demands for the end of the current global system—it seems to be coming apart already.

But acts of courage, compassion and altruism abound, even in the most damaged places. By documenting the resilience of the people hit hardest by war and repression, and the heroism of those coming forward to confront the crisis head-on, END:CIV illuminates a way out of this all-consuming madness and into a saner future.

Backed by Jensen’s narrative, the film calls on us to act as if we truly love this land, moving along at a brisk pace, using music, archival footage, motion graphics, animation, slapstick and satire to deconstruct the global economic system, even as it implodes around us. END:CIV illustrates first-person stories of sacrifice and heroism with intense, emotionally-charged images that match Jensen’s poetic and intuitive approach. Scenes shot in the back country provide interludes of breathtaking natural beauty alongside clearcut evidence of horrific but commonplace destruction.

END:CIV features interviews with Paul Watson, Waziyatawin, Gord Hill, Michael Becker, Peter Gelderloos, Lierre Keith, James Howard Kunstler, Stephanie McMillan, Qwatsinas, Rod Coronado, John Zerzan and more. [853x480]


SD 76 Minutes

Es una película que examina adicción a la violencia sistematica y la explotación al medio ambiente que domina las culturas “civilizadas” occidentales. Los temas de FIN:CIV son basados en los libros Endgame de el autor Norte-Americano Derrick Jensen donde el pregunta: Si tu tierra es invadida por extra-terrestres que destruyen los bosques, envenenan el agua y el aire, y contaminan las cosechas, resistirias la ocupación?

La super-explotactión de recursos naturales es la razón principal por la cual las grandes civilizaciones fallecen. En estos momentos el mundo está en crisis: la economía en caos, escasez de petróleo, calentamiento global fuera de control y desorden político. Los titulares en los diarios repiten articulo tras articulo sobre corrupción y numerosas traiciones al fideicomiso publico. Nosotros somos testigos de como este sistema se desploma y en su desesperación trata de agarrar todo lo que puede hasta que no quede nada.

Ante toda esta destrucción, vemos actos de valentía autentica por comuneros en los lugares mas afectados. FIN:CIV documenta actos heroicos de resistencia, dentro de las comunidades que sufren la represión continua y violencia del sistema actual. Ademas FIN:CIV analiza los mitos mas predominantes en la izquierda y nos hace examinar cuales son las tácticas que nos llevaran a un mejor futuro.

Derrick Jensen narra varias partes de FIN:CIV y hace un llamado para que protejamos a la tierra como si fuera nuestra madre. FIN:CIV deconstruye el sistema capitalista y los mecanismos que lo perpetúan, con rápidos montajes, gráficas, comedia, animación, y música. También relata historias personales en las cuales individuos hacen grandes sacrificios para defender sus hogares. FIN:CIV es un documental para nuestros tiempos, tiempos en los que tenemos que actuar con firmeza, si queremos salvar lo que queda del planeta. [853x480]

La Conspiración de Chicago

HD 94 Minutos

Este documental aborda el legado de la dictadura militar en Chile compartiendo la historia de jóvenes combatientes asesinados por el régimen de Pinochet como un telón sobre la historia de la dictadura militar y el actual conflicto social en esa área. La historia mayor se desenvuelve en tres partes más cortas, las cuales exploran el movimiento estudiantil, la historia de las poblaciones que se transformaron en centros de resistencia armada contra la dictadura, y el conflicto Mapuche indígena. Lxs cineastas, el colectivo de cine militante Subversive Action Films, cuestionan su relación al documental, tomando una postura combatiente. [1280x720]


SD 94 Minutes

An eclectic mix of activists take a stand to protect an old growth forest from logging at Warner Creek in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon, blockading the logging road and repelling the State Police. Over months a community builds around the illegal blockade as it develops into the Cascadia Free State and similar actions spread across the region. Years after its release, Pickaxe has become a classic document of the potential for grassroots direct action to achieve victory against the forces of both government and big business. Lovingly crafted by the participants themselves, the film expertly presents every moment, from confrontation to celebration. [613x452]

Roses on My Table

HD 19 Minutes

This documentary short tells the story of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective in Richmond, VA, an organizing group and cooperative living space aimed at fostering mutual aid and grassroots resistance to authority. From maintaining a community center to carrying out occupations and disaster relief, the video illustrates some of the many ways a handful of committed people can transform their lives and their community. [1280x720]

The Chicago Conspiracy

HD 94 Minutes

This documentary addresses the legacy of the military dictatorship in Chile by sharing the story of combatant youth who were killed by the Pinochet regime as a backdrop to the history of the military dictatorship and current social conflict in the area. The larger story is wrapped around three shorter pieces, which explore the student movement, the history of neighborhoods that became centers of armed resistance against the dictatorship, and the indigenous Mapuche conflict. The filmmakers, militant film collective Subversive Action Films, question their relationship to the documentary, taking a position as combatants. [1280x720]

The Miami Model

SD 91 Minutes

Against the prescribed template of paramilitary oppression , information warfare, and profit above all values, activists converge in Miami to demonstrate grassroots resistance, creative action, and international solidarity—a clash between competing visions of globalization, soon to be known as the Miami Model. Indymedia activists shot hundreds of hours documenting the 2003 FTAA protests in Miami and shaped it into a documentary that cuts through the mass media blackout to reveal the brutal repression and assault on civil liberties that took place, as well as the inspiring alternatives to capitalist globalization that were also in full effect in Miami. [640x480]